Friday, November 12, 2010

Prayer On A Monday Morning

For many years I have written Prayers on a Monday Morning that reflect something that is happening in my own life or that of someone else in my circle of friends. I wrote this prayer early on the morning of November 1, 2010, following Jan's death on October 30, 2010.

It's Monday morning Lord and
and my thoughts are with Jan.
I met this wonderful woman quite by accident because of that unusual
winter blizzard in Chicago that caused the Bethel Male Chorus to
stay an extra night in that city.
I have always felt that you sent that storm just for me Lord,
You wanted me to stay overnight at her house.
You wanted me to see that beautiful smile and those gorgeous eyes.
You wanted me to hear the sound of her voice.
You wanted me to have that snow ball fight and make snow angels in her front yard.
It as a magical night and later I got to know her heart and in 3 years we were married.
We said "thanks Lord" when we found the wall hanging that said "Think Snow" which
graced the decor of our house for so many years.

Thank you Lord for giving me 47 years to live with Jan.
We lived together as husband and wife
We "two" became "one"
Thank you for making the "oneness" of marriage part of your plan.
I only know of one way to think of myself and that is "John/Jan".
She was my soul mate and my partner.
It was she who brought such joy and meaning to my life.

She loved you Lord and gave her life to you as a young child.
You gifted her and she sought to use those gifts in service.
She brought music to so many places as she played the organ and the piano and
She brought music into our family and our lives.
She never missed an opportunity to say "I love you" and to give someone a hug.
It's the reason I bought that license plate for her that said "Janhugs".
With such joy we welcomed Julie Ann and Joel into our lives and how she relished
Being a mother to those two kids she loved and who loved her in return completely.
Our "two" became "one" and you brought Mike to Julie Ann and Kelly to Joel
And so often we prayed that our marriage would model what they needed to see.
Then to have 6 wonderful grandchildren who called her Amma and received her love
Through hugs and kisses and parties and palmini and Swedish pancakes.
She wore a Starfish necklace and Starfish earrings because she wanted to spend each day
Seeking to "make a difference" in the life of one person.

She made a difference Lord.
In my life.
In the lives of her children.
In the lives of her grandchildren.
In the lives of her friends and so many others.
Give her a big hug from us...tell her again how much we love her.
We want to say "Amen" as you tell her "Well done were a good and faithful servant.

Thank you Lord for this incredible woman who I loved with all my heart.


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