Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

This is a week of heavy emotions as we said farewell to my 40 year old niece-in-law, Jackie, and now as I prepare to head out for Thanksgiving without Jan. At the Memorial Service for Jackie the priest gave a very helpful message when in part he said: "Each of us had a decision to make today. We can either give thanks for what was...or...we can be bitter over what might have been". He then went on to talk about all we learned from the 40 years of Jackie's life and what we can do as we move forward.

So today I want to be thankful for "what was" in my 47 years with Jan:
**Thankful for a truly happy and solid marriage.
**Thankful for wonderful memories that flood my mind and warm my spirit.
**Thankful for the things we accomplished and the things we learned together.
**Thankful for the joy our children brought to our lives.
**Thankful for such wonderful grandchildren who bring such happiness.
**Thankful for the many friendships we enjoyed and how those friendships endure.
**Thankful for our church family and the support they provide.
**Thankful for the faith in Jesus Christ that we shared together.

I do have so much for which to be thankful and I am so thankful for each of you. Thank you for all the ways you have expressed love and support. I am learning to appreciate the "body of Christ" at a whole new level of depth and meaning.

To each of you I simple say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

May God richly bless you today.


  1. Thank you for your inspirational words. We also struggle with what is and what could have been. Your words are very comforting.

    Many blessings to you and thank you for your gift of words.

  2. Life is a Seminar
    Plan,but not too much