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Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the memorial service bulletin there was a page where each of the grandchildren had written something about Amma. In addition I have 7 poster boards with pictures of each of the grandchildren with their Amma and on these poster boards they also wrote comments. I love what they say so much that I want to share them with you.
Julie Ann and Mike's Children
Ryan (Age 5): I love that Amma took me to the train place and to the place with the little door and rooster (a children's bookstore). And I liked the way Amma smelled. I liked that she would give me presents. Amma gave me my Bazz Lightyear--I love that guy! Amma was pretty, too. I love Amma a whole much. Oh! And I loved that she had little kid chairs for me at her house.
Keira (Age 2): Keira loved her Amma. She loved to climb up into Amma's lap and have Amma read to her. Earlier in the evening before Mom died, Keira and Mom sat together and read/sang "The Wheels on the Bus"--including all the motions. Amma just glowed. Keira also shared Amma's love for music and hopes to grow up to play the piano as beautifully as Amma did. Right now Keira's favorite word is "hug" and she loves to give great big bear hugs just like her Amma. Maybe someday she'll have a license plate thyat reads "Keirahugs" just like her Amma had.
Joel and Kelly's Children
Anders (Age 12): I love how my Amma would take all of us to Disney World when we turned five. I loved spending time with her at Disney and Cabo San Lucas. My Amma was so caring, prayerful and loving to everyone.
On his poster board he made a long list of Amma Memories: sleepovers in the bathtub, Sound of Music, Joey and Julie stories, Palmini, swedish pancakes, Disney World, Mexico, Hope Avenue, Kidz Klozet, Ukraine, vacations, picture taking, fun dates, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, Taco Bell, cooking, golfing, piano, Happy Birthday Jesus Song, thoughtful gifts, asking questions more than once. amazing friend, loved very much, golf cart rides, hosting, loving Bethel, Uno, special songs with grandkids, always can start a conversation, outgoing, liked introducing people, match making, loved learned and teaching new things, prayerful, caring, funny names for thingts, movies, Chipolte. He ended by writing out the words from I Cor. 13:4-11 which talks about what love is all about.
Sofie (Age 10) One thing I really liked about Amm is the smell of her Swedish pancakes in the morning at Bethany Beach. I also love when Margot and I would wake up early and jump in bed with Amma and Appa. Amma was loving and caring and she was always happy giving to others, like at Hope Avenue.
On her poster board she made this list about Amma: Swedish pancakes, sleep overs, Taco Bell, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, Bethany Beach, Mexico, beach, cooking, movies, vacations, picture taking, golfing, prayer journal, caring, Hope Avenue, Disney World, Uno, gifts, golf cart rides, Kidz Klozet, Starfish Foundation, tacos, Sweden, Ukriane, palmeni, Joey and Julie stories, the Sound of Music, music, fun dates, Bethel, parities, believer, trustful, loving.
Margot (age 8): I love Amma because whenever we had sleepovers we slept in the bathtub with tons of blankets and pillows. She also does really fun parties and has awesome food. Amma was always so caring, loving, and I always had fun with her.
On her poster board she a picture of Bethany Beach which she labeled "Amma's Favorite Place."
She then had written Amma's Song: Happy Birthday Jesus. I'm so glad it's Christmas. All the candles and light. Happy Birthday Jesus. I love you. (Note: This was a song done by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir that Amma loved to play at Christmas time...more than once!)
She also wrote these wonderful words: "Amma was so caring, thoughtful, nice, and loving. It is so hard to lose her. She would open the door and have a huge smile on her face. She new how to cheer everyone up. I wish she didn't die. I love you Amma. And God keep her safe. Please, keep her safe. I love you!
Mallory (Age 3) My wike (like) my Amma. Her reads to me. Nenus (Jesus) wanted Amma to live with Him. I want Nenus (Jesus). Amma is going to find our dog and Nenus (Jesus) and give them a big hug.
On her poster board she printed out the word Amma in her own letters and also wrote Mallory by herself. She also drew a very pretty picture of Bethany Beach and two of the pictures on her poster board were of her in the water with Amma. Then she said some very touching words that her Mom wrote out for her: I love you Amma. My know you love me. Come back and live with us and make Appa feel better.
A note from Appa: One day while I was at their house, Mallory wanted me to bring some cookies home when I left. She got a Baggie and took me by the hand to where the cookies were and put some in the bag. When I said that was enough she then picked up a chocolate chip cookie and said to me: "This cookie is for Amma. She with Nenus now, but she still like to eat a cookie, and you can give to her."
I am so thankful to be a grandfather.
These kids mean the world to me.
I wouldn't know what to do without them.

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